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Covid processes & terms and conditions (Updated 24/08/21)

Our Covid-19 processes Reminders & forms: Booking confirmation email sent when you book online or in person with a link to our protocols and Ts &Cs. Also, if this is your first appointment you will receive a New Patient intake form or Health questionnaire to complete, or a Health update form if you haven’t attended in the last...


We are open!

Are we open...yes we are! We remain open for osteopathic treatment to help you get back to doing what you like best. Despite the recent changes in restrictions in December 2020, we are pleased to confirm that we are able to remain open to provide our healthcare services to you, and you are allowed to travel to attend your face-to-face appointments. If...


Holy Moly Guacamole!

This month's healthy recipe: Guacamole Here is a regular weekend lunchtime favourite in the household of our Osteopath Zena Hewett. A nutritious, delicious recipe full of tasty, colourful ingredients. If you have only ever had the yucky stuff from the supermarket and haven't taken to it - this is completely different. "We like to make it extra stinky for the weekend, so...


Covid processes & terms and conditions

Our Covid-19 processes Reminders & forms: Email reminder sent 2 days before your reserved appointment. Covid-19 pre-screening form will be on the reminder email for you to complete and submit no later than 5pm the day before your appointment to allow time for the Osteopath to read, assess clinical suitability and take any action required. Additional automated sms final reminder sent in the...


Corona virus update

Update from Chichester Osteopathic Centre - Corona virus / Covid-19 update The practice is still open and will remain so long as the government guidelines allow it to remain so in these challenging times. Be assured that I take both your health and my health very seriously. Changes I have made a number of changes over the last few weeks which you...


** Online video / telehealth consultations now available! **

Really useful if you are unable to travel to the practice for hands-on osteopathy for whatever reason but still require help and advice from our experienced Osteopath. These will be followed by an email with all the recommendations made for your self-management plan, and links to tailored advice for movement and exercise. You just need a smartphone/computer and a reasonably good internet...