Zena Hewett

Zena Hewett


Practice Director, Osteopath and Infant Feeding Coach


I established my osteopathic practice in Chichester in 2007 after graduating from a five-year Osteopathy degree with The College of Osteopaths in London and have been practising in the Chichester area ever since.


One of the joys of my day to day practice is definitely the variety of people and their health stories that I encounter. I am just as happy to help with the weird and wonderful, puzzling, long-term issues as I am with the acute, sudden injury, and I have special interests in complex issues that haven't been resolved elsewhere particularly in women aged 40-65 - I love the detective work! 


Also I have particular interests in osteopathic care of the mother and baby and incorporate that with being an Infant Feeding Coach which means that I can provide an integrated, holistic approach to infant care.


Studying is a lifelong passion that comes with the territory of being a curious Osteopath who is constantly amazed by the physiology of the human body. My approach to care is focused on the whole body regardless of what age you are.
In addition to the above I also have undertaken formal training in classical osteopathy, western medical acupuncture, osteopathic care of the mother and baby, sports therapy and sports massage, baby massage instruction, neurolinguistic programming and core nutrition for neuromusculoskeletal practitioners.


My previous career was in the veterinary world and so luckily my patients do not scratch or bite me anymore, although I still get vomited or poo-ed upon by the odd baby!


Outside of the practice I can be found cycling with my husband, enjoying the countryside, gardening or spending wonderful time enjoying being a grandparent.